Vedic Eden is a 7-piece Mystic Folk-Pop Ensemble formed and lead by composer Jaems Murphy since 2011. The band comes together, drawing from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds to form a cohesive whole that is greater than its parts. Through the use of hypnotic guitars amidst layered vocal harmonies and playfully intricate percussion they create a whimsical world of both wonderment and nostalgia.

The sound of Vedic Eden evolves from the story of music’s roots, traveling around the world; from northern India to Ireland to the Appalachians, where it meets with Native American music and culture. The band then infuses it with a low-fi 1960's folk-rock vibe, incorporating influences from the symphonic realms and Latin American rhythms.

'Mono No Aware' is the first studio recording of the full band and features a collection of concise and high-energy pop songs while meditating on the Japanese concept of mono no aware, "the pathos of all things." How all things pass into and out of the veil of time and matter; and we are here as fragmented threads all connected through the tapestry of life and experience. Continuing the meditation of the wheel of life and time from 2013’s E.P. "By Moonlight and Vines," "Mono No Aware" tells a story of a traumatized soul making it's way through the dark night of being into a realm of understanding and expression of love and liberation from fear.

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