Music Lessons

Guitar, Music Theory, and Composition lessons in Downtown Milwaukee

J.C.P.A.A (inside Grand Avenue Mall under T.J. Max)

275 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee WI, 53203

Phone: 414-763-9061

30 minute lesson = $15
60 minute lesson = $25

We request that payment is made for the whole month at the beginning of each month.

Flexible scheduling: weekly/bi-weekly. Tuesday through Thursday 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

*student bonus: sign up now and get 1/2 off first months worth of lessons.

Jaems' teaching style is student oriented and goal directed, consisting of a personal approach catered to each student, helping them achieve goals in a calm and compassionate environment.  Ultimately students will learn skills that are relatable to all aspects of their lives and through music studies ideally live a richer life, finding more value in all of their experiences.

To set up lessons or for more information
             or call 414-763-9061

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