Greetings from the other side of the end of the world.

I like to imagine that the World of Endings has ended and we are now in a World of Beginnings/Infinity.
Let's see what beauty we can draft into the fabric of our experience.  What heaven can we create among our brothers and sister and for our children to know.  "Immanentize the Eschaton"

Vedic Eden is beginning the new year by recording it's first album as a band.  
Current title of the record is "Mono No Aware"
This is our cubic centimeter of chance to document what we've found to be most delightful in our sound and arrangements. This is our chance to release these songs into the hands and hard-drives of people who grew to enjoy them.  I'll be engineering all the sessions myself at various subversive locations around the city.  We were debating about wether or not to track as a live band or overdub, and due to various circumstances the plan of action that allows for the most focused approach with the most control available (mm... sorry, I just had a care package delivered and there were chips included, and I've really needed salt apparently.)  But this will be a fun process with a lot of 1-to-1 interactions between me and the band members.  Every note will be documented with absolute love and attention to the meaning of what each moment has to offer us.  

Way way back, before the world ended, in November, we began production and filming for a music video for our song "Right Your Will."  We are blessed to be able to work again with Alexis Hope Ronsmans from Lunatic and Swan Studios, with make-up and photography (soon you'll get to see some, soon...) and the wonderful Gabriel Spaulding from ACE Enterprizes, videography and editing.  In the typical style I've come to call my own, I bit off more than I could chew and didn't realize the scope of responsibilities a director has, but diligently I learned from my mistakes, and from what I've seen of the footage things turned out pretty nicely.  (today: brian eno&david byrne - Everything that Happens will Happen Today: "Most Popular Videos on news feed: "Louisiana Cemetery's  turn into Skeletons";"SUV Hitting Teen in Parking Lot"; "Inmates Sue Alcohol Industry for $1Billion";"Giant Yellow Duck floats into Sydney Harbour."...
All Hail Discordia.)
We've completed 3 days of shooting total on a number of locations thus far.  Once we have the song fixed in recorded state, we'll begin editing and have one last day of shooting.  We're looking to get a little preview together by Mid-February, just a little teaser.  As for the finished video I'll be doing my best to capture what I enjoy about surrealistic fiction in the way of James Joyce, R.A. Wilson, and Grant Morrison (see "Joe the Barbarian".)  Attempting to layer metaphoric realities over a supposed fixed reality to illustrate the power of creation and imagination.  A recent phrase that's been sort of popping up that I feel describes this is "Externalizing the Internal and Internalizing the External."  On a small scale illustrating how one person can and the hand we play in creating our own realities, both physically and existentially.  Another bit of the story, though more esoteric in nature, will be dealing subtly with an individuals response to trauma-based mind manipulation or events in life, how a mind might fracture under those circumstances and create an alternate personality equipped to cope.  This personality is imbued with attributes that the individual may be lacking, and as the individual gets stronger the personality can be reintegrated to help create a stronger and whole individual.

The phrase "Mono No Aware" meaning the Pathos of All Things, or Sympathy for All Things, is an obscure emotional reaction to physical matter, or the passing/loss of such.  I have been a fan of this concept for a number of years now, and recently found there is a book written in a sort of creative-informative-narritive-story dealing with this concept of Mono No Aware and it's title is "Oh!" and I pondered the value of syncronicity in the title of a song from 'Nothing Special at All' "O!H-"  So I feel this sentiment has been present in all of my work, even before the Big Nothing descended upon me and opened my perception to include a greater sense of experience in this world.  It also ties into the nature of our ensemble Vedic Eden.  Almost everybody involved in this project is in 2 to 3 or more other bands as well as working wage-based jobs and going to school, so I've been really excited that we've made it this far with a great core group of people and have been able to develop a unique feel and sense for live performance with this group.  The precariousness of our formation and prospects of finding suitable replacements has always alluded to an evolution of the group, as well as the direction of the compositions I write for it.  This record then is our way of attaching all the energy, emotions, and experience we had during our time together into a physical entity.  Something we can look at as a trigger for all those memories in the future when we've gotten so far from where we are now.  We hope that you will too. 

Our next show is at the Riverwest Public House February 8th.  I am personally stoked to be opening for Choir Fight, if you haven't seen them, they're totally worth listening to and seeing live is even better.  The night will conclude with a two-band jam, Vedic-Choir-Eden-Fight.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement.  May your new year be as prosperous as your imagination is vast.

Jaems Murphy