Here we come through the long tunnel of blanket woven dreams to wash our faces in this moment which is like a star centered point of a billion and one possibilities.

Recording has begun for Mono No Aware.  My semi-resonator guitar has been tracked for all songs, as well as scratch vocal tracks, and some preliminary auxiliary percussion.  It feels really great and reassuring to have a form laid down, to have an earth from which to grow and build.  This approach of tracking individuals instead of as a group has afforded some creative revelations, none too profound though considering the wealth of experimentation that has gone on within the full scope of musical realities, but I'm excited about getting to explore, implement, and put my personal twist on them.  One example: To help track I programmed some real simple drum beats with an 8th note subdivision and hits on the accented rhythms of the pieces.  I used an electronic drum patch, something totally alien to Vedic Eden's sound, and even on "Nothing Special at All" I used samples of acoustic drums in places versus electronic texture in regard to percussion.  The combination of elements, and using audio-visualisation got me a little excited.  Before recording that day, I had been listening to some of Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight Rises score, and had spent a good time analyzing his other work for Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, and enjoy dissecting the electronic/synthetic reinforcement from the acoustic instrumentation.  After I had begun to adopt the idea of this approach, I remembered The Police would have a drum machine sequenced with the live drums on their recordings, and also Smashing Pumpkins would do the same in subtle and less subtle ways.  It is rather fitting for this collection of material Vedic Eden is recording is a little bit more pop-rock flavour.  BPM's around 150, good hand clapping, go-go gadget dancing, with most songs between 2:30 and 4:00 minutes longs, and all the songs are in 4/4 time.  
These pieces also have more of a unified field around them due to having been developed and evolved within and by Vedic Eden.  All but 1 of the pieces I wrote before Vedic Eden had formed and introduced them to help fill out our set-list. To my surprise they turned into some really wonderful arrangements and I'm grateful that we get this chance to record them.  By recording and mixing myself I get to add that bit of mystic undertone and surrealistic colour scheme behind the music.  The pieces themselves for the most part have more traditional harmonies and progressions so this album I think will feel more familiar to the listener, but songs like "Resonator" and "Right Your Will" still have these pedal point drone-like extended harmonies to them, and "Why I'm So" makes nice use of sus4 chords.
Lyrically this collection is over-all I think filled with more concrete images.  There was a conscious intent with "Why I'm So" to set a scene and guide perception through it, while giving enough of the character's story to create an identity and still maintaining enough ambiguity to allow the listener to interject themselves and ideas into/onto the narrative.  "Wendy and Me (On Halloween)" does that as well, setting up an scene, a moment of action giving the characters their personality, but then opens up a little bit to a quantum interpretation of experience and leaves you back in a concrete reality with motives and intent (funny side note is that, the third verse could chronologically exist before the first, the cue is the mention of time-traveling in the second verse opens up that possibility.)  We also will have some more positive songs on this release, "Resonator" being one that puts compassion and love into context with the effort it takes to destroy a world vs. the effort to help our loved ones lived healthy happy lives.  "You're Gonna Make It" is real upbeat written for my sister and niece, inspired by a conversation with a friend in a forest of poker chips and drunken lions.  "Daedeuls Dreaming (How to Fly)" is a metaphorical poetic chastisement of our political will as of late, and our tendencies to play the victim role, asking other people to fix our problems, when all we have to do, is get up off our knees, open our minds up to the amazing possibilities that lie before us in renewable energy research, sustainable living efforts, wholistic healing, and the global community coming together to realize that we are all one great human being sharing this lovely place we call home.  

Last Sunday I met with Gabriel Spaulding of ACE Enterprizes and did the storyboard for a little teaser or trailer, what-have-you, for "Mono No Aware."  It's using footage we shot for the "Right Your Will" music video, which once we get the recording done there's one last shoot to get and editing will begin.  The teaser should be out by mid to late February and the video for "Right Your Will" might be done anywhere from late May to mid July.  But hey, I'm gonna post a screen shot:

Thank you for your time, interest, and continued support.  You are loved.